Night Flurry

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Night Flurry
Cast Primary
First appearance February 9, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 26
Gender Male
Occupation Weather Bureau Quality Control Specialist
Family Noble Light (father)
Guiding Light (mother)
Sun Smile
Mint Creme
Diamond Wing
Spring Showers (sisters)
Search Light (brother)
Significant Other Dusky Down

“ Tonight... and tomorrow... and for however long you need... I... I can be Night Light for you...”
—Night Flurry to Dusky Down

Basic Information

Simple and quiet weather pony, and an eternal romantic. Night Flurry loves Dusky Down.


A simple pony, Night Flurry takes pleasure in the little things. He is often cheerful and a bit naive, finding happiness in a cup of warm tea and a quiet night. He may seem shy at times, but has come to open up substantially to others since being brought into the bar.

Night has a very strong sense of right and wrong, coming from being raised as a Guard's son. For a long time, he dreamed about being a hero, a Knight, a gallant warrior who would ride in and save a damsel in distress, but has since outgrown the dream, or even any real desire to be a hero.

Night is a deep thinker, who can spend a long time thinking quietly about the more probing questions of the universe. But, this deep though comes with a tendancy to dwell upon misfortune and negativity, Night will over time blame himself for little things, and has difficulty overcoming this negativity.

Beneath the surface, Night has issues with his self-worth, often questioning if others aren't better off without him. He hardly thinks he's anything special, and believed he was at his best working as a loner. Much of his confidence has been bolstered recently, as his friends, and most especially Dusky Down, have convinced him that he is stronger then he believes himself to be, and more recently, he has begun to convince himself that he's stronger as well. Night Flurry loves Dusky Down.

Pre-Appearance History

Born in Cloudsdale with the name Night Light, he was named to honor Celestia's second gift, the night sky. Youngest child in a family of five, Night was shy growing up, and was oft the target of his sisters mischief, most especially Diamond Wing and Spring Showers. Night rarely told, rarely spoke up against them, often blaming himself as deserving the teasing and misery. This built slowly over the years.

Night would find a good friend in the misfit Sly Credence, a bully who Night befriended after an initially painful run-in. Night would often act as a concious for Sly, while Sly became fiercely protective of Night. This relationship lasted through college, after which Sly moved out to a lucrative job in Whinneysota, and Night made a painful decision to leave his old life behind.

Night took a job in Ponyville as the sole Night Shift pony. He did not tell his family where he was going, simply cutting ties, changing his name to Night Flurry, starting over. He believed that his family didn't need him, and that since birth, he had been little more then a burden upon them. He kept in touch with Sly through letters, and while it was likely that his parents were aware of his whereabouts, they tried to respect his decision, giving him space.

For five years in Ponyville, Night lived a relatively peaceful, lonely life. At some point, he made friends with the delivery pony Mahogany, and through him, Mahogany's old friend Blizzard Breeze, slowly opening up to others, although still unsure of himself.

On the night of the Winter Kick Off, Night Flurry 'met' a pony who would change his life. Only seeing her from across the room, Night was stricken with a terrible crush for the pegasus Dusky Down. Too shy to approach her on his own, Night began following her and asking about her, even going so far as to attempt to make her a gift, which in the end he was forced to purchase and leave for her, all while trying to build the courage to approach her himself, but he was never able do it. Night Flurry loves Dusky Down.

RP History

Dragged to the bar by Mahogany, Night Flurry began to make more friends there. But, through fate, or coincidence, Dusky Down would come to the bar soon after Night had begun to venture there. Awkwardly shy at first having been thrust into a situation so close to her, Night stammered and sweated, and at last convinced himself to confess his love to her, once to Mahogany, then unwittingly to her at the prompting of Aqua Brandish, resulting in a confrontation with Dusky that would put him into the friendzone.

Night would demonstrate his desire to be a White Knight and self-sacrifice when he threw himself in front of a (already well hidden) Dusky to prevent her from taking shrapnel. Night's wing was heavily injured, keeping him ground bound for a week, and Dusky was not happy with Night's attempt. As a gift and something of an apology, Mary and Sue gave Night Flurry a Bracer, which they felt would help him be a hero.

Doing what he could, Night still accompanied Dusky to Fetlock Falls for the Annual Snowpony Festival. There, the two had fun through the night, until confronted by the thugs from the Leaf Cartel, who were hunting Dusky. She made him promise not to be a hero, a promise which night reluctantly agreed to, secretly planning a way around it, determined to save her life through any means.

Beginning to train himself, Night received a hoof blade from Delta, and lessons from Sue. Night thought he would put his training to good use in Canterlot when Aqua Brandish betrayed the group, but found himself unable to act in the face of his once-friend. But, more importantly, this encounter brought him back into contact with his father, Noble Light, who would send Night's sister Spring Showers to Ponyville in an attempt to make amends.

Any attempt at reconciliation was cut short, however, when Dusky was assaulted by the Leaf Cartel again, leaving her near death. After spending the past month with her, Night realized that she had become a truly valued friend above and beyond his crush. Refusing to leave her side, Night stayed up and talked to her through her injuries, telling Dusky his real name, the first time he'd used it in years. Night Light. When she awoke in Myrtail Beach, Night would eventually confess his love for her once again, and this time, she relented, agreeing to date Night Flurry and see where it led.

Night's confidence was booster further by Blizzard Breeze, who talked to him in regards of his work, pushing him to get past his shyness to accept a promotion, she was intent to get him and his ideas into the limelight.

Night and Dusky grew closer, Night overcoming his shyness as Dusky helped guide him into a very strong, clear Love. The two have overcome numerous trials, Night coming to Dusky's rescue when she was abducted and taken to Fillydelphia, Dusky standing by Night's side and giving him a clear reason to come back when Bellerophon's spirit attempted to inhabit Night, and more. The two have only grown stronger together as they've fought side by side and sat at the other's bedside, praying for them to get better.

When Dusky left for her annual trip abroad, Night went with her. The two were gone for months, and during that trip, Night's nervousness about being so far from home for so long, his nervousness about being with Dusky for so long, and his nervousness about anything else that could go wrong, slowly left, and eventually, he would propose to her on the rooftop of the Lunar Lake hotel they were staying at beneath a nearly full moon. As Dusky was plagued by nightmares, Night stayed awake, talking to her quietly, hoping it would give her some rest. Through Dusky's friend, Ivory Hope, they learned the source of the nightmares was a Banshee, which the two confronted with the help of their friends.

While Night still has doubts about himself, he has been growing in confidence and self-respect, taking three steps forward for every one step back. With the impending marriage to Dusky, this is not a trend likely to reverse, even if the actual wedding itself is beginning to freak him out. His dreams have changed, and now, Night Flurry looks to the future, intent to spend the rest of his life alongside Dusky, and hoping for the day they can begin a family together. Night Flurry loves Dusky Down.

Relationship with Dusky Down

Night Flurry loves Dusky Down.