Noble Light

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Noble Light
Cast Family
First appearance March 24, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 59
Gender Male
Occupation Retired (Former Solar Guard Captain)
Family Sun Smile
Mint Creme
Diamond Wing
Spring Showers (daughters)
Night Flurry
Search Light (sons)
Significant Other Guiding Light

“ And... welcome to the family.”
—Noble Light

Basic Information

Light Family Patriarch and former Captain of the Solar Guard.


Noble has always maintained a serious demeanor in the face of his duty, while presenting a loving and loyal side to his family, and those who earn his trust. Despite his former occuption, he is relatively easy-going in life. Simple in taste, he prefers tea and light dishes.

He is far more devious then he lets on, often thinking things through steps ahead of opponents, and exceptionally dangerous to those who he deems threats to his kingdom, or his family. His greatest opponent has long been his wife, Guiding Light, who he maintains a constant game of move/counter-move in a light-hearted game to keep one another's skills sharp.

Beneath the infinitely confident exterior, Noble harbors many doubts of the course of his life, the most hurtful example being Night Flurry's long absence from the family. He takes solace in the knowledge that he is loyal at all times to the laws and teachings of Celestia, and more importantly, to protect his own family.

Pre-Appearance History

Born in Cloudsdale, Noble grew up with a strong sense of duty, resulting in his early enlistment in the Canterlot Guard. During his basic training, he was deployed to the Swayback Foothills, where he would meet and eventually marry his wife, Guiding Star, before being deployed to Shetvalkia. There, he served with distinction, quickly climbing the ranks until he was in charge of an elite squad of ponies, amongst them being master scout First Frost.

His leadership capabilities and quick thinking would eventually land him a career with the Solar Guard, serving Princess Celestia's most elite frontline warriors. A Training Sergeant for many years, Noble was infamously unbeatable in battle, even with odds stacked against him. In his history in the guard, he was only ever beaten by one individual, a Wonderbolt potential known as Windy Ward. Over the course of his tours, he eventually advanced to the rank of Captain, and became one of the oldest and most respected in the Solar Guard, occassionally serving as liason to Celestia herself.

At home, Noble had five children with Guiding, although was rarely home to help raise them, one result of which was the youngest son, Night Flurry's self-estrangement from the family.

RP History

Noble Light was serving in Canterlot when he received a letter from his Son, now living in Ponyville, requesting an audience with Princess Luna. An unsure reunion with Night Flurry during the Aqua Brandish incident led Noble to decide the time had come to make amends, and began to manipulate his daughters towards making amends with the youngest child in the family, first sending Spring Showers to confront Night, and then sending Mint Creme.

By this time, it was also becoming apparent that Night's obvious love interest, Dusky Down, was a target of the notorious Leaf Cartel. After Dusky was attacked, leading to evidence of infiltration in the Guard, Noble went undercover using kit borrowed from family friend Sly Credence. Taking the name Ash Mane, he began to wage a personal war against the Cartel infiltrators in Ponyville, unbeknownst to the Guard. But his personal involvement only resulted in further heartbreak when the Cartel made a move against Mahogany, using him as a bargaining chip to abduct Dusky.

Noble led the group of Dusky's friends to Fillydelphia, where he successfully infiltrated the Cartel headquarters there, and after confronting his Cartel plant, discovered that his very own agent, White Riot, was the traitor who had orchestrated Dusky's kidnapping. After saving Dusky, Noble pulled out with the others and returned home.

Noble returned to Cloudsdale, having successfully orchestrated the return of Night Flurry to the family. His return, along with the entrance of Dusky Down to the family, galvinized his decision, and after over 40 years of service, Noble would retire in the aftermath of the Fillydelphia Assault, deciding to settle down with his wife at long last.

Unable to keep himself out of the game forever, Noble availed himself to Sly Credence, who had crafted a massive Spy Network which had long been at Noble's disposal. When Sly suffered from a mental breakdown as a result of a Mite assault, he passed the Network en masse to Noble, who has been in the process of converting the network to a new, refined purpose. All in service of Family, Duty, and Celestia.

Noble has meddled here and there with his family, and has recently taken a great liking to new son-in-law Fixit, and upon learning the story of the automaton Trixingno, to the newly renamed Search Light as well. The result was to unofficial adopted Search Light into the family, promising to stand by him as he would any other member of the family.