Nocturne Star

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Nocturne Star
Cast Primary
First appearance December 13, 2012
Creator Jezendar
Player Jezendar
Species Unicorn
Age 38
Gender Male
Occupation Railroad Mechanic
Family Gale Rider (Father, deceased)
Lunar Canticle (Mother, deceased)
Tempest Wind (sister)
Significant Other Aurora

“I believe that talking about things can often help a pony through their problems. But trying to force a pony to talk can just make things worse. It's often better to let them decide when they're ready and be available when they are.”
—Nocturne, to Aurora

Basic Information

A calm, soft-spoken, and very empathic unicorn.


Quiet and somewhat introverted, Nocturne tends to keep to himself when around strangers. However, he can be much more open with ponies he knows. He is also innately curious and has a strong empathic streak, and thus may approach those he does not know if they are unusual, or in distress. Nocturne deals poorly with physical confrontations, and is likely to flee from violence unless defending somepony. Due to his caring nature and upbringing, Nocturne has relatively few inhibitions about being in physical contact with other ponies, and will often hug those he interacts with, lay his hoof on their shoulder, and perform other similar acts.

Pre-Appearance History

To be added later.

RP History

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