Ostfriesen Castle

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Ostfriesen Castle
Type of Location Nation
Region Ostfriesen
Employees Promethea Flamehoof
Simmilie Venn

Ostfriesen Castle is a self-contained multi-dimensional castle-country east of Equestria. It is a place in which a dragon became a knight and a knight became a giraffe. Where young stallions and mares struggle with controlling their dark sides every day. Where the final battle between a crazed Empress and the Twin Princesses reached an explosive climax.

And other silly things of that nature. It's the crazy castle full of jerks!

Basic Information

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Secondary Locations

The Endless Hall

Ostfriesen Castle FAQ

Who lives there?

Ostfriesen Castle has a population of about 10000000000000000000000 ponies. It’s mainly populated by what people would consider to be “bad OC’s”. You know, the solid black or garishly colored spiky-haired ponies with incredible powers and (often) terrible personalities. Most ponies here are insanely deft at whatever skills they favor.

How is the castle laid out?

The castle is a veritable maze of halls, portals, and nonsense. The architects (who are the absolute best) are given free reign in building any expansion projects that the Princesses approve. There are also plenty of portals to other dimensions, where the castle continues to expand. For quick access to the entire castle at once, each room is connected to a grand endless hallway full of doors to the rest of the castle. It’s essentially the staff area.

How is it connected to Ponyville?

There’s a portal in the endless hall leading to The Lusty Seapony. It’s apparently always been there, hidden behind a tapestry. The portal can be influenced by the castle’s magic, but cannot be closed.

What happens in Ostfriesen?

Ostfriesen events tend to center around magic, adventure, and their strange, isolated culture. By order of the Princesses, Ostfriesians are not to influence the lives of Equestrian citizens in significant ways.

Who are the Princesses?

Princesses Sanguine Merryweather Silvertongue and Pandaemonia Suzette Starshadow (Mary and Sue) are the twin half-dragon alicorn sisters that rule over Ostfriesen Castle. They have lived for over 1200 years and are both very powerful, both physically and magically. Mary is the outgoing, social one, whose “duties” mainly have to do with mingling with the citizens regularly to improve morale. Sue is the reclusive, quiet one, who deals with most of the official matters of the castle behind the scenes, and holds court.

Who are the Knights?

The Knights are hoof-picked warriors chosen more for their personalities than their combat abilities. Things like humility, mercy, and intuition are somewhat uncommon among Ostfriesians, but required for one to even be considered for Knighthood. Potential Knights must pass a test, which involves overcoming a unique trial within a lucid dream after catching Mary (or Sue) and kissing her hoof. Knights have access powerful armors and magic items, and can roam the endless hall freely.

What do Ostfriesians do for a living?

The foundation of Ostfriesen culture is adventure. Since the castle breaches several dimensions, foreign monsters inevitably leak into the castle and surrounding grounds. The Ostfriesians take it upon themselves to exterminate the intruding monsters, and to otherwise control the populations of those around the castle. The adventurers then take the useful parts of these monsters and sell them to craftsponies, who make useful things out of them and sell them to merchants, who sell the items back to the adventurers. Furthermore, requests can be issued for certain goods or services by any citizen/princess. Every other industry in Ostfriesen builds off this adventuring cycle.

What’s this about a dragon and a curse?

1200 years ago, the colossal black dragon Monolyth appeared in Equestria and ravaged the land. Tapioca, the earth pony Queen of Ostfriesen, was the only one brave enough to stand up to him. In return for her bravery, he made her his emissary and granted her a blessing and a curse. The blessing was to make her kingdom great and powerful, with a fragment of himself to watch over it. The curse, however, was to force that kingdom into solitude, hated by the rest of the world, unable to trade or interact with any outsiders. And so it was. And Ostfriesen grew. Now, Mary and Sue have created cloaks that disguise their true forms and negate the curse while worn, but Ostfriesians are still forbidden from interacting with the outside world.