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Type of Location Town
Region Equestria
Residents Most of the main cast

“All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!”
—Twilight Sparkle

Basic Information

Welcome to Ponyville, a quaint little country town south of Canterlot and the main setting of The Lusty Seapony RP.

Originally settled by Earth Ponies, Now home to Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi alike. Ponyville is located about an hour's flight out of Canterlot, and is about just as far from Cloudsdale.

Secondary Locations

Secondary locations are common, public places for scenes to take place. You can scene just about anywhere, but sometimes it can be hard to decide what you want to do or where you want to do it.

So here are a few Secondary locations for Ponyville!


The local market row. Most things can be purchased in the market, from apples to books to hoof crafted lamps! It can also be a good place to wander around and meet ponies.

Ponyville Clinic

The local hospital.

Ponyville Highland Reservoir

A lake near ponyville.

Ponyville Park

The local park. Always great for a stroll.

Ponyville Train Station

The local train station.

Stargazing Hill

A large hill near the Everfree Forest. It also overlooks the Vagrant's Barn.

The Lusty Seapony

The local bar, scenes here tend to be open to all. But you should always ask before hopping into a scene.

The Seapony Backroom

The Back room of the Lusty Seapony. For your more private gatherings.


Named businesses are run by ponies within the town. Some, like Bluefern Greenhouse and Floral require the shop owner to be around, where as others like Classy Eats' Classy Eats are more public as the owner is an NPC.

Here are some Businesses in Ponyville!

A New Leaf Tea Shop

A tea shop in Ponyville, owned by Chai and Pumpkin Spice. The place for all your special-tea needs!

Bluefern Greenhouse and Floral

A greenhouse in Ponyville, owned by Amber Fern. The place for all your herbal needs!

Bookbinder's Printing and Binding

A printing shop on the outskirts of Ponyville, owned by Buck. For all your printing needs.

Classy Eats' Classy Eats

A resturaunt in Ponyville. A very classy place to eat!

Fixit's Shop

A repair shop in Ponyville, owned and run by Fixit. The place for all your fixing needs!

The EPS Store

The Equestrian Parcel Service store in Ponyville, run by Mahogany. The place for all your shipping needs! (No, not that kind of shipping.)

Terra's Knick-Knack Shop

A store for absolutely anything, run by Terrabona.

Weather Bureau Office

The local weather office, located in town hall. Generally full of Weather Ponies.


Residences are not public places, but every so often you may want to go visit someone, and it's good to have an idea of who lives where. Don't go walking up and knocking on someone's door... They generally don't like that.

Sprixit's house

Around Back of Fixit's shop. Residence of Fixit, Spring Showers, Search Light and Starflower.

Vagrant's Barn

Residence of Spades and Trouble. This location is partially public, as it is an abandoned barn bordering Sweet Apple Acers and the Everfree Forest. Trespassers may be hospitalized. You have been warned.

RP History