Pumpkin Spice

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Pumpkin Spice
Cast Primary
First appearance September 22, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Unicorn
Age 23
Gender Male
Occupation Co-owner of A New Leaf
Family Chai Spice (father)
Citrus Snap (mother)
Peppermint (sister)
Mint Chip (grandfather)
Significant Other

“ Nonmagical means hmm? I think they usually call that labor.”
—Pumpkin Spice to Epiphany

Basic Information


Pumpkin tends to over-analyse things. He is friendly but less talkative than either of his parents. You can usually find him reading, playing chess or mixing ingredients for his next hit tea.

Pre-Appearance History

RP History

Pumpkin Spice recently moved to Ponyville with his family. He helps run his [A New Leaf] tea shop with his family.

Memorable Quotes

“ He means the shop burned down”
—Pumpkin Spice to Night Flurry