Raven Horn

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Raven Horn

Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Unicorn
Age 9
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Hp Lovecolt (father)
Significant Other

Basic Information


She is a curious pony, who loves her father deeply. However, she does have a shy streak, and tends to get frightened by ponies who are either excessively larger or excessively shorter than normal ponies. The exception of the excessively shorter is when she has to deal with other foals. Somehow she is able to tell proportions extremely well and is able to tell when a pony is out of proportion. She is a right little fountain of knowledge, having absorbed a lot of what her father has known, as well as some general common sense. She likes to think of herself as a miniature expert on knowledge her father has taught her, and she’s always wanting to learn more. She has a fascination bordering on obsession with the dead, possibly due to the fact of her dead mother.

Pre-RP History

Raven Horn is a young filly, not even old enough to have her own cutie mark yet. She has started to live with her Father, Doctor Lovecolt, rather recently. She doesn’t know a whole lot about her mother, and her Lovecolt doesn’t talk about her much. Until recently she had been staying with a friend, who finally got fed up with Lovecolt pushing his own daughter off on her. Raven has been learning more about her mother as Lovecolt has been opening up more since he met Terrabonna. Raven also looks to Terra as a possible mother substitute, and unintentionally/intentionally tried to get Terra and her father together as an item. Raven is a prodigy with Mathematics, being only nine and already she has started to delve into advanced calculus and fourth dimensional geometry. However she still has not got her cutie mark, despite this clear talent in Maths. This has lead Lovecolt to be slightly worried with what her true special talent will be like. If she’s this good with something that isn’t her special talent, he’s worried that she may be too good in her true special talent to truly be accepted by ponies.

RP History