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(These rules have been discussed and determined to be valid.)

Have Fun

This RP Is about Having Fun, and about ensuring that everyone else has Fun. As such, please respect each other and other rules directly below to preserve the fun of all players.

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.

This is all about making the RP better as a whole for everypony. This is NOT a place to attack another player or character. Those who feel they are being attacked, please read Rule 2 again, and try not to take it personally.

The Editor Will NEVER Remove Content

Lines can and will be moved for the sake of Clarity, but at no point will there EVER be lines/characters/settings removed simply because the Editor does not like what happened.


Character wealth should be within their means. As long as characters are not making insane purchases, wealth should not be an issue (unless characters wish to make lack of wealth an issue, ie. Autumn, Katlego) Characters can be wealthy if there is a reason for it (Highly successful private inventor), so long as that wealth is Not used as a fix-all.

Combat Prowess

Be very careful in setting combat prowess, knowledge mastery outside of one’s cutie mark or social connections. If it rivals or exceeds the royal guards or the main six, some reconsideration may be in order. Having combat/social/financial power or being really really good at something is all fine and dandy, but it should come at a cost. Having multiple of the aforementioned in extremes should be a major alarm bell. Note that exceptions are not forbidden, but If it raises any kind of alarm, then discussion will be required.

Story Arcs

Keep the plot/arcs within reasonable grasp of the characters. Nopony among our number is going to be able to take on the third coming of Discord.

Problems Solving

Your character should never solve another characters personal problem with a deus ex or sudden plot twist, at least without consulting that player first. Undermining the character’s issues with simple wand-waves may seem like a good idea, but can destroy a lot of potential story elements. If you look at another character and think “I can fix that.”, be sure to ask the player first before just using a solution. This is somewhat tied to wealth (just throw money at a problem to make it go away) but can also apply to Magic Devices (A Lie Detector) or characters in positions of power (Shredding criminal records). Note that since storylines are often at least partially hidden by the applicable parties, those outside of the loop are unlikely to see the issue. Therefore, be sure to bring it up in OOC. Then we can have a timeout for a discussion.

Ostfriesen Non-Interference

No Knights. Right? Knights stay out of the bar. Knights stay in Ostfriesen. Ostfriesen, by it’s very nature, is separate from Equestria. Both Geographically and Culturally. In addition, the ‘curse’ in place prevents the two from actively mingling without dire consequences. Knights are under strict orders Not to enter Equestria. Promethea has become an exception because of her relationship with Mary. The Rule shouldn’t be “Knights stay out of the bar”. It should be “Ostfriesen Non-Interference extends to the Knights.” Additionally, by decree of the Equestria-Ostfriesen-Olymponis summit, ponies from one nation shan't interfere power-wise in the affairs of another, barring formal request from the leaders.

If you have an issue, bring it up.

Talk to the person(s) you have the issue with as soon as possible. Letting it fester does no good.