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Cast Antagonists
First appearance November 30, 2012
Creator Hazzdawg
Player Hazzdawg
Species Diamond Dog
Age 20
Gender Male
Occupation Exiled Vagrant
Significant Other

Basic Information

A Diamond Dog with a score to settle.


Runt was barely a pup when the ponies first came to settle Silverglade. By the time they breached the warren with their mining he was a juvenile, ready to prove himself fit for adulthood. He participated in raids upon the town, attempting to drive the ponies away, where a tussle with the militia saw his first encounter with Spades and Patch - the medic who not only talked the soldiers down from killing the dogs, but also treated their wounded.

The respect for the ponies was short lived after observing Patch's murder, and Cold Iron's subsequent drive to wipe out his pack. Though he and Spades managed to stop Cold Iron, Runt lost his paw, and asked for Spades to end him. Instead, Spades saved his life, and charged him with leading what remained of his pack - the bitches and pups - away to safety.

Years later, Runt's tenuous position of alpha was overthrown by the strongest of the younger generation. Crippled and unfit to lead, he left to reclaim his honour or die trying.

Runt was drawn to the Everfree in search of an opponent to pit himself against, not really caring if he survived the ordeal. Instead, he found the Keeper's shovel in a barn bordering the forest. After that it was just a matter of time before he had the chance to confront his nemesis. (Un)Fortunately, Spades was accompanied by the pegasus Icicle Gleam. Though he managed to wound Spades, Runt was knocked from the clifftop to certain death, which was again denied when Gleam saved him.

Runt was last seen disappearing into the forest, his current fate is unknown.


Broken and barely sane, Runt seeks revenge upon Spades for costing him his pack, and for sparing his life. Some small scrap of honour prevents him from attacking those that harbour the Keeper in their town, though this may no longer extend to Icicle Gleam.