Scribbles the Unicorn

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Scribbles "The UNICORN"
Cast Primary
First appearance March 21, 2012
Creator BrokenHero
Player BrokenHero
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Occupation Freelance Journalist
Family Mahogany (cousin)
Significant Other

Basic Information

Scribbles, the Unicorn, is a freelance journalist that always comes up with handy information and helpful conclusions. She unerringly shows up to inform others of this information and conclusions two-to-three weeks later than would be useful.


Professionally, Scribbles the Unicorn is a go-getter, a tenacious reporter who would be willing to do anything for the scoop. Privately, though, Scribbles is less sure of herself, and is prone to letting her mouth run off and then having to apologize for it.

Pre-Appearance History

Scribbles the Unicorn is a distant cousin to Mahogany, and also hails from The Whinny City. Her branch of the family isn’t nearly as insane as his, so she keeps fairly close ties to them, despite her decision to roam Equestria looking for the next big story. She’s loosely based in Ponyville, crashing in any number of unsold houses, condos, etc. but she travels all over the place when she’s working. She is an infrequent patron of The Lusty Seapony, but now that she’s met Sunrise, she might just start showing up more often, since she doesn’t really have any friends besides Sunrise and Mahogany.

RP History