Search Light

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Search Light
Cast Primary
First appearance July 20, 2012
Creator Trixingno
Player Trixingno
Species Earth pony
Age 106 (since activation)
2 (total uptime, pre-transformation)
21 (biologically)
Gender Male
Occupation Fixit's assistant
Family Noble Light (father)
Guiding Light (mother)
Sun Smile
Mint Creme
Diamond Wing
Spring Showers (sisters)
Night Flurry (brother)
Significant Other Starflower

Basic Information

A magic-powered mechanical construct recently turned into a tiny, gray earth pony.


Curious to a fault and ever the seeker of answers. He is quick to warm up to and trust ponies unconditionally, despite these things getting him into trouble more than once. As a pacifist, he abhors violence and will never condone it if he believes there is any chance of an alternate resolution. He tends to be very blunt, which can cause him to seem rude despite never intending to be so. Nothing means more to him than Starflower, and he is quick to come to her defense if necessary.

Pre-Appearance History

Originally the ninth prototype of a series of automatons, he was the product of an Ostfriesenen tinkerer, a loner obsessed with building and experimenting with robots. After completing one, he would subject it to a series of progressively more complex commands. Search light, then Trixingno, was built to be a sentient though fully obedient robot, but ultimately failed its testing when its creator commanded it to carry out an act of violence to ensure it could be used to defend the workshop if necessary, which it refused to comply with. Enraged, the creator labeled Trixingno a failure and left it to rust like the previous models. Saddened and filled with loathing for its creator, Trixingno ran away and began wandering the halls of Ostfriesen, only to at some point become deactivated.

RP History

Reactivation and New Life

Well over a century later, the derelict robot was discovered hidden within an Ostfriesen dungeon by Meteorite, Promethea and Blade Dancer. He was brought back to Sue, who powered him back up. Displeased to find himself around organic ponies like his creator, he was very cold. He expressed hatred for Ostfriesen and demanded to be released from it and was then escorted to the portal to the Lusty Seapony.

Upon entering the bar, he attempted to be inconspicuous so the organics would let him be. Obviously, this failed miserably. He was forced to meet Mahogany, Sunrise and to a lesser extent, Katlego. After having his designation analyzed, he was given the name "Trixingno." Soon after, Fixit arrived, and Trixingno found him moderately more tolerable for his mechanical knowledge. Fixit's curiosity led him to offering the robot both a place to stay and work as his assistant.

The day after, his lack of maintenance began catching up to him as he found one of his rear legs seized up. He dragged himself to the bar in search of Fixit who, along with Delta, brought the robot back to the latter's home for repairs. There, he had his shoddy leg parts replaced with custom crafted ones while learning that not all organics are like his creator.

A few days after his arrival, he eventually met Spring Showers, who was quick to regard him as a pony like any other. She and Fixit taught him about gestures such as hoofshakes and hugs, and offered to get him something to help him appear less striking.

As he continued exploring Ponyville and meeting new ponies, his systems began to malfunction on him. His navigational unit, essential to his ability to move from place to place, corrupted. Delta and Fixit escorted him to the library where it was repaired. While there, he scanned several books on social mannerisms and such to memory.

Regrets and Misinterpretations

He eventually became concerned with the fate of the models that preceded him, as well as what love was. The fact that this inquiry was not easily answerable drove him to obsess over it. He continued to investigate both for some time. On one front, he learned there was a model planned after he had abandoned his creator, though it never would be discovered whether or not this robot ever actually came into existence. On the other, his overzealous inquisition caused a catastrophic misinterpretation of his feelings, and he began to believe he was in love with Spring.

One day in the bar, he met Starflower who had recently been given clearance to venture outside of the psych ward to aid in her recovery. Having grown much more comfortable and kind at this point, he readily offered her his friendship. As the two grew to be close friends, Trixingno unrelentingly searched for answers to confirm his suspicions. Eventually, after gaining what seemed to be confirmation, he confronted Spring and Fixit to profess his misinterpreted feelings, only to be interrupted partway through by a royal summons. He managed to get the words out before being taken away, leaving Spring and Fixit dumbfounded.

After taking the train to Canterlot, the robot was brought immediately to the palace, where he met the princesses. They wanted to be sure that he was not a threat to the nation, and after seeing that he was not, granted him citizenship. On the way back to the train station, he ran into Spring and Fixit, who had come to find out why their friend had been taken. He was glad that they were still friends, and promised not to pursue such feelings again, for all of their sakes.

Returning to the bar the following day, he experienced just how unwell Starflower was when she appeared sporting a bucket she believe to be a hat. Trixingno destroyed the bucket, believing it to be the source of her distress after realizing what she had done. A couple days later, Starflower came to Fixit's shop in an effort to discern what was real after her ordeal with the bucket. Fixit and Trixingno spoke with her in an attempt to learn what truly troubled her. After hearing some of her past, the robot realized that she had suffered similarly to him. He told his story to Starflower, Fixit and Spring with the intention of helping, only to shatter Starflower's fragile psyche. Trixingno came to visit her at the clinic the next day, where he found her mostly unresponsive. He tried his best to give her reassurance.

(To be completed)