Snowy Veldt

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Snowy Veldt

Cast Family
First appearance July, 16, 2012
Creator Fetchbeer
Player Blizzard Breeze
Species Hybrid (Pegasus Zebra)
Age 1
Gender Female
Occupation Dust mop
Family Kinyua (mother)
Blizzard Breeze (mother)
Frozen Tundra (half brother)
Gathii (grand mother)
Significant Other Mr. Stripes

Basic Information

The daughter of Blizzard Breeze and Kinyua. Currently too young to fly, but she enjoys flapping her tiny wings as fast as she can!


Snowy Veldt is phase one of a Top Secret Breeding program to create a Hybrid Zerg/Protoss/Alicorn. When she grows up, she will be Snowy Veldt, Queen of Blades.


Longs to conquer her known universe (which consists of the living room of her house for the most part.)