Spring Showers

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Spring Showers
Cast Primary
First appearance March 31, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 29
Gender Female
Occupation Ponyville Night Weather Supervisor
Family Noble Light (father)
Guiding Light (mother)
Sun Smile
Mint Creme
Diamond Wing (sisters)
Night Flurry
Search Light (brothers)
Significant Other Fixit

“ No escape!”
—Spring Showers to Fixit

Basic Information

Upbeat, mischievous, and, well, Springy, Pegasus


Always grabbing life with all four hooves and giving it a wing hug, Spring is notoriously upbeat. She believes that life has so much to offer, and she lives everyday trying to make the most of it for herself, and for those around her. She is ever curious and adventurous, overflowing with a wonder and love for life.

A pony of strong emotions, there is little Spring actively hates. She has an empathy for others, absolutely disdaining violence of any sort. It's her weakness as well as her strength, as when she is set upon a path, she will ofter perservere, an inner strength common in the family, but she can be easily manipulated through her emotions, sometimes reacting before thinking.

She is strong and confident most of the time, but when Spring crashes, she crashes hard, becoming an emotional wreck. As a result, on days she is feeling uncharacteristically upset, or emotionally low, she will curl up with a sappy, sad romance novel and let herself cry through the day, believing it best to accept the bad feelings and let them release.

She can be a bit of an attention horse at times, she loves to be the focus of everypony in the room, but doesn't have too much problem fading back as long as everypony is having fun.

Pre-Appearance History

As the fourth daughter of Noble and Guiding Light, Spring was named to honor the work of the Pegasi in bringing the season of rebirth to Equestria. Always curious and outgoing, Spring was often led into trouble by her older sister Diamond, especially when conspiring against their younger brother Night Flurry. Growing up, she would write and stage elaborate fairy tale scenarios, often forcing her sisters and brother to play the parts for her while she directed their actions, often placing herself as the 'star' of the play.

Noble doted on Spring, perhaps moreso then his other children, always considering her his baby. And while her actions would often result in more harm then good, Spring never quite grasped that what she was doing hurt Night's feelings, to her it was all in good fun. She loved her little brother greatly, and had never quite gotten over the point when Night stopped looking up to her in favor of Sly Credence, and to this day holds an irrational grudge against Sly (who enjoys irritating her for this very reason).

Growing up, Spring never pushed herself in the way most of her siblings had, and ended up taking a simple job at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory. She continued to live at home with her parents, sharing a room with Diamond whenever she was home from her tours. Spring is unknowingly responsible for the rift between Night Flurry and the rest of the family. An unwitting comment at Night's University graduation was the final breaking point, and pushed him to leave Cloudsdale without a word to anypony, and since that day she missed her brother greatly.

Working a boring job, she tried to find solace on the dating scene, looking up to her sister's Mint and Sun as examples of perfect relationships, and began to devise a 'Rating system' for her dates. The imperfections she pointed out would almost always disqualify them after the first date, or many stallions would catch wind of the system during the date and leave themselves. Spring's system and notorious luck with stallions led her sisters to joke about the impossibility of her ever finding a special somepony. She made the best of things, but always wondered what was missing.

RP History

Upon letting slip that he had met with Night Flurry, Noble poised Spring to pounce at the chance to meet with her little brother again. She tracked down the bar Night had mentioned to their father, and began to talk with his friends, tellinging embarrasing stories about Night's foalhood. Night's arrival triggered a lot of emotion for Spring, and at the height of their reunion, Dusky Down smashed through the door of the bar along with the corpse of a guard. Spring retreated, watching Night rush to the mare's side, forgetting all else. Spring would eventually rush to Canterlot to tell her father what had happened. This incident would replay in her mind again and again, giving her nightmare's, and prematurely ending her attempted reunion with her brother.

Much of that emotion built up, and was released when Night at last returned home to meet with his family. Upon seeing him with Dusky, she sprung at the chance to hug Dusky, and would enjoy the reunion with the rest of her family, rejoicing that her brother was back.

Months passed, and Night would eventually arrange for a Special Assignment for his Sister. An 'exchange' program, wherein a Weather Factory Employee would be trained to work the weather. This was actually a plot to find a replacement worker for Night in preparation for his travel with Dusky.

Once in Ponyville, she would learn that Night's trip was delayed, but she insisted on staying to learn weather work anyway, taking particular interest in shaping the morning clouds into fun patterns. These patterns would draw the eye of a very special stallion, Fixit. Although initial experiences tried to push both her and Fixit away from the bar, they both returned, seeking something there, and found one another. As Fixit began to watch Spring's smile, Spring quickly found herself falling for the silly stallion who purposedly wanted to friendzone himself.

Throwing out her point system entirely, Spring quickly pushed herself into Fixit's life, despite his misgivings that she'd find him worthwhile at all, Spring became more and more sure that he was special. Her first attempts to enter his house demonstrated a case of claustrophobia, which would cause Fixit to remodel his house to include more open spaces, large windows, and an attached room crafted out of a cloud. However, during this reconstruction, Fixit's sickness would reveal itself as well, when he attempted to end his life. The resulting trauma and rehabilitation in the local clinic would break Spring's heart, with the realization of just how much Fixit had come to mean to her.

Spring would move swiftly to avail herself of Fixit's hospitality rather then staying in Night's house with the jerk Sly Credence, whom Night had also asked to help while he was away, and meeting with Stout Feather and knowing Night's history with his family, Spring pushed Fixit to rekindle the relationship with his parents. Run ins with Timberwolves and Poison Joke and Changelings only served to strengen the love Spring felt for Fixit, and despite some initial panic, when Fixit asked her to marry him, she readily accepted.

In a wonderful ceremony set during the Running of the Leaves, she and Fixit were wed. Spring has since taken a permanent position in Ponyville's Weather as the Night Shift Lead, taking her brother's position after he was promoted. She befriended the automaton Trixingno, and gave him his hat. She grew to think of him as a little brother, and did her best to guide him through life in Ponyville. She was present when Princess Celestia transformed him into a flesh and blood pony, and when he took the name Search Light.

Now, with a job she loves, friends a plenty, and the most special somepony she could ever hope for, Spring has made herself a life she well and truly loves in Ponyville.

She also has a small pile of plush toys she keeps neatly stacked in the corner of her and Fixit's bedroom, including Woobs the Bear, Snickers the Dog, Featherington the Cardinal, Mr Bounce the Kangaroo, Hophop the Rabbit, Pokey the Hedgehog, Crackers the Parrot, Mister Chitterstein the Squirrel and most recently Mr Hoots the Owl, among others.