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Cast Primary
First appearance June 10, 2012
Creator TerribleTransit
Player TerribleTransit
Species Unicorn
Age 19
Gender Female
Occupation Arranges Floral Displays
Significant Other Search Light

Basic Information


Extremely spacy, Starflower tends to live in her own world. When she gets absorbed in something , she can be entirely oblivious to the outside world.She can be very excitable when she finds something that interests her in the real world, though. Oh yeah, and she thinks she’s an earth pony, and refuses to accept any evidence to the contrary.

Pre-Appearance History

Starflower allegedly lives in Manehattan, although little is known about her life there, and she think she arrived in Ponyville when she accidentally got on a train that took her there. Then again, she also thinks she’s an earth pony, so her testimony should be taken with a grain of salt.

RP History

Memorable Quotes