Stoic Note

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Stoic note "Stan"

Cast Retired
First appearance March 2, 2013
Creator Furball891
Player Furball891
Species Earth Pony
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation General Labourer/ Small favors
Significant Other

Basic Information

A rather tall and beefy fellow with weird tattoos. Perhaps a bit scary at first sight. He does, more or less, everything that includes hard physical work or delivering stuff. He lives by doing small-ish favours to those who need them. This works most of the time well enough so that he can get enough money for a place to stay in for the night. He doesn’t ask questions about the favours he does, so he is at risk of getting messed up into something illegal or otherwise questionable.


Despite the fact that Stan has physical strength to lift a fully grown stallion, he doesn’t have the mental capacity to hurt a fly. Stan lives with a lot of music and happiness on his soul, which he shows very clearly most of the time. He’s a big softie that can offer you a drink, a big blue shoulder to cry on or a confusing story about a foreign place he once visited, depending on what you need. Being a very social animal, he loves the evening and night time, and does everything he can to share his brighter view of the world around. ..Until someone tells him to leave him/her alone. He is in your company only for as long as you want him there.

Pre-Appearance History

Stan was born into a high-class family in Fillydelphia. His parents had (and still have) lots of money and a high social status to maintain. Stan also has an older sister who has grown in those higher social circles. At the age of 16 Stan decided that he didn’t share the high ambitions for his career and status with his father, and simply left all that behind to see the world. 11 years later he is still on that journey to see the world. During that time he has met a lot of ponies who have given him advice in life (some better, some worse). Stan has always been eager to work hard for good money, but he isn’t that skilled in keeping the money he earns. Most of his earnings have gone to the ridiculous tattoos he has all over his body and all the drinks he has offered to the ponies he had met. Stan has even been in prison at one point, which for some reason has also been the only place where had a longer relationship with someone. Probably has something to do with the fact that the bars in the windows kept him still for long enough. He keeps writing letters to his family about where he has been, but since he has no permanent address, he doesn’t get any letters back.

RP History

Had a thing with Crystal Glint for a while before moving on to a new town. Maybe he'll be back one day.

Memorable Quotes