Storm Bearer

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Storm Bearer

Cast NPC
First appearance 05/23/2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 31
Gender Male
Occupation Weather Pony
Significant Other

Basic Information

A Banner-bearer and warrior of Olymponis.


Loud and passionate, Storm Bearer has never been known to keep quiet about his opinion. While this sometimes results in harsh feelings, his passion and his heart typically make Storm an outspoken leader.

Pre-RP History

Under the rule of the Empress Generica, Storm Bearer was forced into service as a soldier. However, his brash nature conflicted with Generica's rule. Speaking out against her and her most loyal servants, Storm Bearer was imprisoned and starved to serve as a warning to those who would stand against Generica's reign.

RP History

Freed from his unjust imprisonment by Amethyst Vein, Storm Bearer quickly became one of the most fervent supporters of her rule. Low on supplies and stores, while the mages worked to prepare portals, Storm Bearer volunteered to fly South to request aid from Equestria.

Arriving in Canterlot, Storm was awed at the level of opulence. The palace was easy to find, but he found the line of ponies seeking audience with Princesses Celestia and Luna to be staggering, but he swiftly found contempt for the nobles around him, and feared Celestia and Luna would likewise disappoint.

When the villain Aqua Brandish threw a temper tantrum in the palace, Storm shadowed his entourage while the nobles fled. He witnessed Celestia and Luna maintain dignity and strength of the face of madness, and was suitably inspired.

As Aqua dismissed requests for aid or food, Storm stepped forward and requested it. Celestia and Luna responded with more aid than he could ever have hoped, and insisted he remain in Canterlot until he was strong enough to fly home. The Guards led him to a guest room, where he enjoyed greater luxury than he imagined existed.

Returning to Olymponis, Storm trained with Equestrian Weather ponies in how to manipulate and control the weather. Wishing to see his country prosper as Equestria had, he has devoted himself wholly to the new ways, and to Amethyst's vision of a beautiful Olymponis.