Stout Feather

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Stout Feather

Cast Primary
First appearance July 7, 2014
Species Hypogryph
Age 55
Gender Male
Occupation Travelling repairman
Significant Other Ganthii

Basic Information


Boisterous and genial, Stout Feather has quite the presence and a laugh for every occasion. He’s worldly, due to his route through pony lands, but he still has a sore spot towards griffons, as griffon society wouldn’t accept him.

Pre-Appearance History

Born to a griffon father and a pony mother, he didn’t have a place in griffon’s bloodline-oriented society. He went with his mother to pony lands, and learned his repair trade there. Never one to settle in one place too long, he set up a business travelling from pony town to pony town, helping repair and build what the town needs before moving on to another.

While in Ponyville, he took on young Fixit as an apprentice, and grew attached to the colt, becoming something of a father figure to him, always coming back each summer to visit and follow up on his teachings.

RP History