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Pandemonia “Sue” Suzette Starshadow
Cast Primary
First appearance Febuary 9, 2012
Creator thattagen
Player thattagen
Species Half-dragon Alicorn
Age More than you.
Gender Female
Occupation Princess of Ostfriesen
Family Mary (sister)
Significant Other Coral Current

Basic Information


Sue is generally quiet, reserved, formal, and serious. However, her hidden emotions often come to light. She gets flustered very easily, and can snap to anger and impulse very suddenly. She does not like to be teased, but knows how to put up with it. Her pranks tend to be a little more psychological in nature than her sister’s. Any potential suitor that shows any interest in her will be hopelessly crushed in some way. It’s usually unintentional, never fatal, and usually humiliating.

Pre-Appearance History

See Mary’s history. Sue currently disapproves of the use of Tumblr magic (blogmancy?), though she does enjoy the free burritos. She was the first to make contact with the ponies in Ponyville via The Lusty Seapony. Surprisingly, they did not run in fear. Sue is currently researching why. Perhaps it was the booze?

RP History