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Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Deer
Age 19
Gender Female
Occupation Drifter/artist
Significant Other

How not to character:

Basic Information



Obsessive compulsive, neat freak, domineering, ambitious, sensitive, strong-willed, and observant. She would never harm anything if it wasn’t necessary, problem is, she isn’t sure what her morality is supposed to be anymore.

Pre-RP History

Born in the Capital of Cervidas, Concordia, she was raised into Nobility as the bastard daughter of Corona,one of the female members of the Cervid Council, and an unknown partner. Her mother was a rather beautiful tawny doe with golden freckles across her sides along with a golden haired mane. Her foster father named Jasheer was a well groomed and stern buck with a red pelt with grey lines running along his back with age. Both Jasheer and Corona were scholarly deer with Corona being interested in ancient artifacts and Jasheer being a retired Council member. Both had an affinity for water magic. Jasheer was ashamed of letting anyone know of his wife's affair and to save face he adopted SummerSet as his daughter, giving her the name Summerset in sadness and hope that she would bring a kind of renewal to his relationship with his wife. Summerset would spend her first six week of her life in the splendor and blessing of a rich young deer's life and make good friends with everyone she meets. Corona and Jasheer were never more happier in their lives. It wasn’t until Summer finally was weaned at the six week (as is customary) that they started to notice her teeth were particularly long and their hardships began.

After taking Summer to a specialist they discovered that the teeth were in fact fang-like tusks--

NO! NO! I'm sorry but no. I am not going through with this. I can't do it. I know what happened. I just... I can't... I'm sorry. I'm done ... No.

No. You don't need to read this. Go read something else. This.... No.

RP History

Broke her teeth on Trixingno and got falcon-punched by Spades.