Sun Smile

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Sun Smile
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Cast Secondary
First appearance May 5th, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player FoxOfWar
Species Pegasus
Age 37
Gender Female
Occupation Day Care Teacher at Ponyville Kindergarten
Family Noble Light (father)
Guiding Light (mother)
Mint Creme
Diamond Wing
Spring Showers (sisters)
Search Light
Night Flurry (brothers)
Speed Serenity (foal, 5)
Halo Diana
Gentle Wind (twins, 7)
Significant Other Frost Wind

Basic Information

The eldest child of the rather large pegasus family Lights, a caring mother of three.


Kind, compassionate, completely civil and graceful, although quite protective of her foals. Only lets her guard down if she’s with family and knows her children are out of earsight; then she might let herself to not worry and actually have fun. She often ends up being a voice of reason between her sisters and brother, and a shoulder to cry on - a role which she gladly takes. She takes very much after their mother Guiding Light in a lot of respects.

Sun Smile has been the head of the family ever since her less-than-painless pregnancy and birth of the twins. Frost Wind usually happily obliges his demanding wife - if, at times, only because it gives him a chance to spoil the twins rotten.

Pre-Appearance History

Sun Smile, being the first child, was named in honor of Celestia. From early on it was apparent that she got easily along with nearly anypony, and that she had a knack for saying the right thing when somepony was down. She dealt with Night Flurry the least growing up, and would typically tease him as more of a way to bond with her sisters, then out of any real malice. And even then, she rarely put any real effort behind it. She took her school seriously, growing to be the seemingly perfect example of a first child up until her graduation at 19...

Frost Wind, Las Pegasus

On a celebratory trip of her graduation with few of her friends, she came across certain Frost Wind. A dashing pegasus who more or less swept the hooves from under Sun Smile, it was pretty much love at first sight. Both being rather hopeless romantics, they could not be out of sight of each other for a long time.

Things turned less pretty when Sun Smile dragged her lover back to Cloudsdale. Her father Noble Light was less-than entralled about the pegasus who had thrown caution (and promising teaching career) to the winds in favor of gambling. Guiding Light was positively seething about Sun Smile's choice of husband and her daughter's stubborn insistence of never changing that either. A lot of arguments were had over the course of three years, some of them ending in really ugly yelling matches between Sun and Guiding. Sun Smile started to visit Cloudsdale less and less, preferring to spend time in Las Pegasus. It came to a point where Sun Smile, despite loving her family, would choose Frost Wind over them if Guiding would not let go of the constant prodding, heckling and downtalking Frost. At that point Guiding finally realized just how much in love her daughter was and after a few very long talks with Noble and Sun, let go.

Sun Smile and Frost Wind both begun teaching in Cloudsdale some years later, their work more or less warranting them to move back, and sometime during that time Sun also mended fences with Guiding. Guiding still prods Sun Smile about Frost to this day, but any malicious edge of it is long gone, it is more like a tradition the two never actually stopped. Frost Wind has taken this in good humor.

RP History

Sun Smile entered the rp on a family meeting, and has since then mostly been about either being a shoulder to cry on or somepony her siblings look up to for advice, with the occasional mess her children have caused. She also successfully moved her family down to Ponyville after a better job offer, being closer to her siblings Spring and Night, and because 'about time the kids touched the ground.' Halo and Gentle have been less than thrilled, but Speed has been loving every chance to make a mess of himself. Sun Smile has also made a habit of being the big sister for her siblings in the sense that she usually finds a way to make any of them 'loosen up a bit' when she senses they have been worrying too much.

Not so perfect

Sun Smile is not quite as amazing as some might imagine her to be. Everypony thinks she is an incredible cook like her mother, but in fact is only rather average and has for years been using various 'shortcuts' in making food - her kitchen is a Zone of No Entry when she so decides, partly because she tries to keep up the facade of really good cook even when she in fact is not. She had Sly Credence make 'additions' to the kitchen when doing the plans for the new house, hidden cupboards and such. Not even Frost Wind knows of these, and she intends to keep it that way.

Another area of less-than-stellar expertise is that despite what everypony seems to think, she in fact has not inherited Guiding's 'sense of knowing', or the 'Mother knows all' quite as well - she has good hunches here and there, but not nearly the social insight Guiding has had for years - though to be fair, Guiding has over twenty years more expertise.