Swift Runner

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Swift Runner

Cast Secondary
First appearance March 6, 2013
Creator Hazzdawg
Player Hazzdawg
Species Pegasus
Age 27
Gender Female
Occupation Draftpony / aerial courier
Significant Other

“For Pete's sake, what is it with stallions? You either think you can't do what you can or you think you can do what you can't.”
—Swift Runner

Basic Information

One of the most reliable members of Hutch's Haulers, and their fastest flier, Swift is one of Ponyville's draft ponies. Will race for alcohol.


Cocky, capable and competitive, Swift is proud of her strength and endurance, and will go out of her way to demonstrate her independence whenever she can. She is not beyond attempting to oneup others, and has succeeded often enough that she can sometimes fall to arrogance. She can also be supremely impatient, indifferent to others' issues and may have forgotten that making the fastest route times whilst fully laden does not make her the fastest nor most agile pegasus in the sky.

Being the only girl in a labourers workforce has left her sensitive to any comments that imply she isn't as good as, or in fact better than her colleagues, or most any other stallions in town. She has a tendency to run with the preconception that males are either too macho, or too weak, and has no qualms making her opinion on this matter known. She's not a huge fan of "that sappy romance crap", nor does she have much patience for quiet or passive types.

Despite this, she will endure the company of others, especially on the job, where she will (almost) always set aside all grievances (temporarily) for the sake of getting the job done well.

Doesn't often bother distinguishing between "fiercest rival" and "best friend".

Pre-RP History

RP History