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Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Unicorn
Age 22
Gender Female
Occupation Alchemist / Venom Maker
Significant Other

Basic Information


A quiet pony by nature, and also a very curious mind. She’s usually very straightforward on her words and intentions. However, she’s not as oblivious to everypony around, and considers the consequences of her acts before doing so (even if her standards aren’t normal). She’s usually hermetic and rarely interacts with others unless strictly necessary, but can be charismatic, easygoing and cheery around those she trusts.

Pre-RP History

Teardrop was born in Canterlot, in a family of fairly influential nobles, although she lived a modest fillyhood. From an early age, she developed a natural curiosity towards things. She got the chance of meeting Aqua Brandish when she was very young, both spending an afternoon playing. Her parents, looking for the best for their daughter, got her a place in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Her school life would’ve been very lonely if it wasn’t because she reunited with Aqua once again during it. Pretty much all her social interaction has circled around her family and her best friend.

Her research shifted to a very contrasting area compared to Aqua, as she dedicated her time on toxin and venom study and production. This didn’t hampered their relation though, and actually found in the other the support they needed for their own research. It didn’t take long for the best friends to succumb to their curiosity, and delve more into each other, also becoming friends with benefits.

She arrived to Ponyville looking for new ingredients for her brews, and hopefully try to socialize a bit more. Regardless of her low hopes on the second, she has found her first real friends in The Lusty Seapony.

Being the daughter of two nobleponies, and also one of the Alchemist Brotherhood’s Head Alchemists by the title of Rafflesia, The Flower of Solitude, she has been in charge of “sponsoring” some of the more costly events of the Seapony Crew.

RP History

[Trouble: You don't wanna know... Really. You don't wanna know.]