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Cast Primary
First appearance February 9th, 2012
Creator TerribleTransit
Player TerribleTransit
Species Unicorn
Age 24
Gender Yes
Occupation Acquirer of Objects
Family Glowing Hearth (mother)
Horizon Haze (father)
Significant Other HP Lovecolt

Basic Information


Bubbly and outgoing, “Terra” immediately reacts to new faces with a friendly greeting. She latches on to new ponies quickly, and is fiercely loyal to her friends. She tries her best to mediate conflicts, though she frequently finds herself out of her depth in terms of sage advice, and she will freeze if the confrontation escalates too far. She is also very meddlesome, and has a hard time resisting the urge to “fix” other ponies’ situations. Especially once she gets drunk. Terra has a bit of wanderlust, and will happily go exploring new places. She doesn’t think much of charity (although she’ll gratefully accept gifts from friends), and feels generally uncomfortable in more opulent locales, preferring to live more modestly.

Pre-RP History

Terranova was born to a pegasus father (Horizon Haze) and a unicorn mother (Glowing Hearth) who moved to Ponyville during their quest to find a “true paradise” to live in. They stayed in Ponyville for a few years after he was born, but as soon as they felt he was old enough, they resumed their constant journey. Terra spent several years wandering the open road with his parents, walking on hoof or riding in his father’s small cart, with Horizon (and Terra, once he was old enough) stopping at each town they passed through and doing odd jobs. When Terra was 19, he decided he wanted to go out on his own, said his goodbyes, and moved back to Ponyville, the closest thing he had known to a home. With some of the money his parents had saved up through frugal living, he bought a tiny house and set up a small, but moderately successful, stand where he sold knick-knacks, which eventually developed into a hole-in-the-wall store. He lived comfortably for several years with nothing of note happening. Then he found The Lusty Seapony.

RP History

On his first night in the bar, through a complex brew of magics catalyzed by an ill-advised romantic advance on Princess Sue, Terra found himself suddenly, unexpectedly, and unquestionably female. Now known as Terrabona, she has had to sort through a lot of conflicting emotions about her newfound femininity. Once she got used to the idea of being a mare, it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When the young unicorn Raven Horn showed up in the Seapony, Terra instantly took the filly under her metaphorical wing. This motherly behavior cascaded, sparking a series of increasingly amicable (though initially extremely awkward) encounters with her and her father, the normally reclusive H. P. Lovecolt, with whom Terra is currently in a relationship.