The Lusty Seapony

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The Lusty Seapony
Type of Location Business
Region Equestria (Ponyville)
Employees Barkeep (Owner)

Basic Information

The Lusty Seapony is a nautically-themed bar located in the land-locked town of Ponyville. The bar features the titular seapony on its faded sign, welcoming travelers. Inside, a hearth burns welcomingly, and the pony only known as Barkeep maintains his stoic and unspeaking vigil.

The bar contains a small water fountain in one corner, a jukebox, storeroom, and private rooms towards the back for parties or discussing imminent attacks by terrible criminal syndicates.

Upstairs the bar has several rooms which can be rented out at moderate costs. Rumors persist of ponies who have continued to walk down the hall of rooms finding no end to it, however this would make no sense considering the size of the building's exterior.

The bar also contains a curtained portal which leads to Ostfriesen Castle.

Despite an occassional tendancy towards violence within, the bar suffers little damage during extreme events, as ponies have noted after looking away, the damage appears to have been repaired immediately upon being observed again.

Pre-Appearance History

Little is known of the bar's background. It hasn't always been in Ponyville, with recorded tales of such an establishment existing in Equestria well over one thousand years ago, frequented by such figures as Celestia, Luna, Bellerophon, and Queen Tapioca. These reports are even stranger when one considers the geographical distances between these ponies, and the reports that the pony known only as Barkeep has always been the owner of this establishment. Rumors of an secret Order operating out of the Bar are purely fictitious.

RP History

The bar appeared in Ponyville some years ago, all the proper deeds of ownership and business propriety had been filed with Town Hall. Discovered quickly by its first customer, Mahogany, the bar became a long-time afterwork tradition for him, and he befriended many of the ponies who would come in, including Dusky Down, Terrabona, Delta and more.

With the arrival of the Princesses Mary and Sue from Ostfriesen, the bar has become a focal point of chaos within the town. Records from Canterlot have revealed that while Twilight Sparkle has made note of this, frustratingly, Princess Celestia has continued to request she not investigate the bar beyond ensuring it causes no additional disturbances in town. It is believed that Twilight Sparkle has cornered Dusky Down to inquire about the bar's interior in detail at least once.

Over the years, the bar has changed little, a solid, unwavering source of alchohol and creature comforts to the town.