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“Please hold while we figure out what to put here!”

n IRC, you type a line and it is sent to others instantly. This means that, compared to a forum roleplay, responses are typically shorter and simpler, topping out at about one (short) paragraph, at which point another player responds. RP happens in real time (more or less), with all players actively participating at that time as opposed to waiting for a response.

Different types of lines are given their own style of punctuation, which is treated differently in creating the roleplay logs:

Plain text is assumed to be speaking lines with no embellishment.

<User> I have something to say to you right now.

Lines can be started with a /me command in order to denote an action.

*User waves to the newcomer. “How are you today, friend?”

Plain text starting with quotes can also be used to create an action.

<User> “Please, sit down!” He pulls out an empty chair and waves toward it.

Lines in square brackets denote uncredited “narrator” lines.

[There is a loud knock at the door.]

Lines in double equal signs are used to specify locations, times, and other meta things.

==The Lusty Seapony, Evening==

Lines in double parentheses are out of character, usually used to correct mistakes.

((Replace that semicolon with a comma))