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Cast Antagonist
First appearance September 9th, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Changeling
Age 33 (Deceased)
Gender None
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Family Flea
Mite ("sisters")
Significant Other

Basic Information

Bounty Hunter, Enforcer, and Changeling.


Filled with hate for everything and everyone, Tick was one of the trio of Changelings who posed as the Seed Sisters. Tick raged at a world which hated her. Ponies were vile, disgusting creatures who were blind to the truth of the world.

As Thyme Seeds, it gave an air of indifference, ignoring 'her' sisters as best she could, especially Flea, but holding a terrible fear of Mite.

Pre-Appearance History

Not much is known about the Seed Sisters before their emergence as bounty hunters. While initial Guard speculation placed them as survivors who hid in Equestria after the failed invasion of Canterlot, later interrogation of Mite would give rise to the story of three refugees fleeing a far off hive, having grown too powerful for the Queen there to fully control. Tick and its 'sisters' struck out on their own, disguised as bounty hunters, the Seed Sisters rapidly grew in fame, renowned for their utterly unknown methods that would guarantee results without ever implicating the pony who hired them. The Seed Sisters would be hired, and within a months time, the target would be dead, often through unknown, or even self-inflicted methods.

As Changelings, the Seeds would infiltrate and essentially mind control targets and high-priority threats into loving them, and when their victims had fed them well enough, would do away with them and collect payment. In these years, they met with fellow Hunter Autumn Blaze, who was renowned for her ruthlessness, and would even employ her as a distraction in several dicier jobs.

At some point, Tick drained and murdered the travelling poet known as Indelible Ink, keeping the identity for future use.

RP History

The Heist

With the fall of the Leaf Cartel, Hunting was booming, as the Manehattan Mob put out contracts on all the high-ranking Cartel survivors in hopes of utterly smashing their business. Jobs were numerous, and so, Tick, appearing as Thyme Seeds, worked with its 'sisters' from job to job, feeding heartily.

For one such, a job wealthy collector known as Tweed Stitch hired the hunters to retrieve an artifact recently unearthed in Ponyville, a sentient, living construct known as Trixingno. The three decided to go to take the job, drain whatever ponies they could, and steal the automaton.

Entering the town under the guise of Indelible Ink, Tick wanted to find a perfectly loyal bodyguard. He found Meteorite, and quickly taking the initiative, it worked to seduce her, drive a wedge between her and her friends, and then ensure Meteorite was wholly dependent upon it. In the meantime, Tick searched the town for any leads on finding the automaton.

But as the pieces moved against the Seed Sisters, they made several mistakes. In a confrontation at the Lusty Seapony, Tick was nearly uncovered by Princess Sue, with only a last minute save by Flea preventing its banishment. Accelerating their schedule, Tick found and confronted Trixingno, discovering that he was vulnerable, but more importantly, was powered by a crystal that trapped and contained passive love.

With Mite, the two quickly moved to capture the robot, taking the forms of Spring Showers and Fixit to trick the robot. Mite took the crystals which powered him, while Tick ripped the robot apart. They moved to meet, and betray, Tweed Stitch, but a small group of ponies including Delta, Mahogany, and Autumn Blaze confronted and defeated the two. Mite and Tick were turned over to the guard and imprisoned in Canterlot, while Flea was killed.


Imprisoned in Canterlot, Tick raged, hating the ponies that imprisoned it. After Mite was approached by Aidan, she came to Tick, breaking him out for another job in Ponyville, but Tick knew he was being setup to die.

Returning to Ponyville, Tick took the form of a game player named Rash Move, using abrasive behavior to generate and feed off the hate of the bargoers. It's mission to ensure no pony suspecting what was seeking them after their escape from Canterlot. It was itself vexed by one pony, Spades, who challenged the way Tick thought, enraging him inexplicably. Soon, Tick went into the Everfree Forest with Mite, where they killed Aidan. Hoping it was time to leave, Tick was forced against his will to return to the bar one last time.

Sleet came to the bar that night, knowing the Changelings had returned. Desperate to find Muir, Sleet assaulted Rash Move, revealing the truth of its identity, and after learning where Mite was taking the Griffon, Sleet executed Tick.

Spades recovered one of the Chess pieces that Tick held as Rash Move, burying it as a small memorial to whoever, or whatever, Tick had really been, a tortured soul filled with hate.