Trail Walker

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Trail Walker

Cast NPC
First appearance 05/23/2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Unicorn
Age 57
Gender Female
Occupation Arcane Researcher
Significant Other

Basic Information

Magical Researcher and former warrior of Olymponis.


No-nonsense and dedicated to her trade, Trail works with anypony who allows her to continue her research undisturbed.

Pre-RP History

A unicorn refugee in Olymponis, Trail had a talent for finding paths, letting her horn guide her, she would never get lost. Her research into various forms of instantaneous travel made her of interest to Empress Generica, who allowed her free reign of the magical libraries, granting her the title 'Finder of the Way', which Trail found excessive.

RP History

When Mary and Sue chased the Empress off and Amethyst Vein took control, not much changed for Trail Walker, save a different face to report her findings to. Amethyst saw use for the portals as a way to establish trade. And in her mind, Bellerophon knew of one active portal from which they could take a sample.

Trail guided two Pegasus Guards south to The Lusty Seapony, where she entered the bar and located the portal to Ostfriesen Castle. She took a sample of the magic, and departed without fanfare.

Returning to Olymponis, Trail has continued her studies, and is almost always found digging through a book or attempting some form of experimental magic. She has yet to be able to fully replicate the portal found in the Lusty Seapony.