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Zero "Trouble"
Cast Primary
First appearance April 29, 2013
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Pegasus
Age 25(?)
Gender Female
Occupation Clerk at EPS Store
Family Shipwreck (father)
Whisper (mother)
Iron Wind (brother)
Clipper (sister)
Significant Other

“Enjoy your box of magic poo!”
—Trouble to Amber

Basic Information

A large, scruffy mare with big ears. Due to her size and snout, she is often mistaken for a stallion.


Muddy (by Mahogany)
Skitt (by Luminescence)
Scruffy (by Fixit)
Wings (by Buck)
Cheese (by Spring Showers)
Quickstep (by Peppermint)
Quicky (by Citrus Snap)
Miss (by Spades)


A bit of a mixed bag, Trouble's personality changes depending on who she's with, very few ponies could ever be sure they've seen the 'real' Trouble. She can be violent at times, surprisingly so, and the last place you want to be is the receiving end of one of her bucks. Despite her temper, she settles quickly and tends to fall into a more somber mood. Behind her insecurities and strange habits she is quite kind and extremely curious.

Pre-Appearance History

Some long, drawn out story involving traveling Equestria and living with Diamond Dogs...

RP History

Trouble was found up a tree by Spring when she accidentally dropped part of her splint on the crazy mare. After a quick chase through the woods, Trouble was dragged back to town. In the beginning Ponyville was the last place she wanted to be and her escape attempts lead her to meet ponies like Starflower, Spades and Search Light. Two of whom she then put in the clinic...

Spades from an accidental concussion from a roof tile that lead to other complications in his work and Search by accidentally running him off a cliff when he chased her into the Everfree Forest.

The Tent Wars

After Search was released from the clinic Trouble returned to Sprixit's house to find the back yard had been... Invaded. Somepony, she assumed it was Spring, had set up a tent in the yard. She proceeded to dismantle it, folding it nicely and setting it aside. She returned the next day to find the tent had been reassembled. So she once again tore it down, leaving it in a heap by the back door this time.

The third day the tent was back up again so instead of just tearing it down she tossed the poles on the roof. There would be no tent after that! But oh, how wrong she was. On the fourth day a new tent was sitting in the yard. So she tore that one down and, with Spring's help, tied the bloody thing to a tree! That would show... Her?

Trouble was still struggling with her desire to stay in town and her need to leave but, felt she could not leave without doing the right thing and returning Spring's tent. So one night she attempted to do just that. Unfortunately, sitting in his camp in the middle of the yard was her real nemesis, Luminescence, who had taken up residence in the back yard while Search had been in the clinic. The feud had left tensions high and when Luminescence spotted the mare with his tent he was furious. Chaos ensued when Search Light and Spades wandered into the commotion in the back yard to see Luminescence receiving a well placed buck to the chest.

Luminescence spent the next few weeks in the clinic, Spades took a hoof to the head and landed himself another concussion, and Search earned himself a nice black eye as well... but that was from Spades.

Mint Arc

After Luminescence managed to turn himself into a Pegasus, Trouble decided not to question this too much, she agreed to go with him to the Swaybacks in hopes that it would finally be a way to escape the town... And to help him un-magic himself back into a Unicorn too, I guess.

On the train to Tailfeather Pass she ran into Mint Creme, who happens to be Spring's older sister. Despite everything, they managed to become friends on the long train ride out west. That is, until the train was attacked by bandits. Trouble's odd appearance gave Mint reason to question Trouble's identity. They somehow managed to work past this issue, possibly because of Luminescence's obnoxious complaining, possibly because Trouble bucked a bandit half way down a train car. Either way, by the time they reached Tailfeather Pass they had become friends.

Strangely, Luminescence was never heard from again.

Trouble had decided to wait, hoping to find her mismatched Unicorn companion somewhere in the town. Mint was going to be leaving with a caravan delivering supplies to a village up in the mountains, and that is where she knew Luminescence was supposed to be heading, so she decided to tag along. The caravan was ambushed and Mint was separated from the rest of the guards Once the fighting had stopped Trouble went looking for her. Upon hearing of Mint's death, she left the group, determined to put the mare she had come to respect to rest. Thankfully, this was not the case as Mint had managed to survive the final attack.

After some quick patching up and a bit of rest, they were on their way back to the Pass. Despite mixed up directions and Mint's fever they managed to make it back to town in one piece. Along the way they got to know each other, there's not much else to do in the woods other than talk after all. Mint helped open Trouble's eyes to the idea of friends again and helped raise Trouble's confidence in herself. She also taught Trouble what a Changeling is... Trouble still thinks if ponies laid eggs they'd be pretty miserable too but, after seeing one up close, she has stopped questioning if they are really evil or not and finds them terrifying. She was starting to think that maybe ponies really weren't so bad, so Trouble decided to return Ponyville to be with her friends.

Trouble's Collar Arc

Back in Tailfeather Pass Trouble and Mint were interrupted by a mysterious grey mare while waiting for their lunch. This didn't seem any more than strange at the time. But when the grey mare showed up in Ponyville with Trouble's brother Iron Wind, well... Things didn't go all that well.

After some unfortunate events in The Lusty Seapony and a botched reunion, Trouble decided to give Iron Wind a chance. He proceeded to throw his chance in a blender, burn the blender and send the smoldering remains to the moon when he decided she should not be wearing her collar. Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly, this set her off and she beat him to a pulp with a rolling pin, then left him at the clinic door.

Collar broken and her sense of self hanging by a thread, Trouble found herself slipping further and further into her mind. But when it went missing all together there was nothing to keep her mentally sound, so she went in search of a replacement. It was a futile search. Thankfully, Spades returned what was left of the collar and Trouble has since been much more stable.

Memorable Quotes

“Well that happened.”
—Trouble to herself