Tweed Stitch

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Tweed Stitch

Cast Antagonist
First appearance September 9, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Unicorn
Age 51
Gender Male
Occupation University Professor
Family n/a
Significant Other n/a

Basic Information

Renowned Collector and world-wise traveler, obsessed with artifacts of Non-Equestrian origin.


Self-centered and somewhat greedy, Tweed Stitch doesn't often think of the concerns of others when his own quest for knowledge is in the fore. He takes exceptional pride in his collection, and can become single-minded in his drive to add unique pieces to it.

Pre-RP History

A tenured professor and renowned collector at Furlong University in southern Equestria, Professor Stitch prided himself in his knowledge of the world beyond Equestria. In his travels, he has been to places that would make even Daring Do jealous, and collected artifacts that would have better served in a museum.

His reputation had been under fire, and some other Professors had stopped trusting Tweed as his methods for acquiring artifacts became more and more mercenary, and his contacts and network becoming more and more questionably legal.

RP History

Tweed Stitch learned from his agents of a singularly unique artifact appearing in Ponyville, an Automaton from the foreign land of Ostfriesen. Unfortunately, Princess Celestia complicated acquisition by granting the Automaton rights of citizenship, and as a result, Tweed was forced to turn to more... draconian methods.

He hired Bounty Hunters, the Seed Sisters, known for their ability to work undetected and without ties to their employer. He paid to unleash them on Ponyville, ordering them to retrieve the artifact undamaged for his collection.

When the Seed Sisters contacted him that the job had been finished, he arrived to accept delivery of the artifact. But the Seeds had changed the deal, having found their own use for the Robot's power source, and prepared to betray and murder Tweed. He used what little strength he could muster to trap one of the Bounty Hunters, but soon passed out.

Tweed was taken into custody by the Ponyville Guard, and imprisoned in Canterlot pending his trial. He has since been stripped of his tenure, and Furlong University has taken stock of his collection, returning many pieces to their homelands and donating others to Equestrian museums. Tweed remains in prison for the part he played in hiring the Seed Sisters with intent to abduct and imprison a citizen of Equestria.