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Ultraviolet "UV"

Cast Primary
First appearance September 22, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Pegasus
Age 26
Gender Female
Occupation Scientist/Lighting Specialist
Family Keylight (father)
Middle Grey (mother)
Floodlight (brother)
Significant Other

“Can one pony really survive being torn in two directions so severely?”

Basic Information


Hyper and exciteable, UV loves to party. She can be manipulative at times but has a big heart.

Pre-Appearance History

UV learned her trade from her father, Keylight. She spent a fair bit of her childhood helping him set up lighting for plays, where she learned a strict attention to detail. She eventually applied this to her work. Bored with 'lame old plays' she moved on to something more exiting, clubs. UV has a love for music and spends her nights off setting up lights for shows. Her work with hot lights has left her with strong hooves and she often teases her partner, Heavy Isotope, for not being able to handle heat like she can.

RP History

UV recently came to Ponyville with her partner, Heavy Isotope in search of research space.