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Cast Retired
First appearance
Creator Whiteout
Player Whiteout
Species Pegasus
Age 36
Gender Male
Occupation EWS Search & Rescue
Significant Other Divorced

Basic Information


Fairly laid back normally, with a strong and occasionally sarcastic sense of humor. Has a temper, but tries to keep it under control. Loyal to a fault.

Pre-Appearance History

Born and raised in a small cloud village in the Swayback Mountains, Whiteout has been in and out of bad weather since he first sprouted flight feathers. Has four sisters, three younger and one older. He doesn’t talk about how he got his cutie mark, simply saying it is part of his way with winter storms. Thanks to an argument turned bar fight with a pair of off-duty Royal Guard trainees, he has found himself without a weather service assignment for the winter, and in need of someplace that isn’t Canterlot to spend some time relaxing.

Whiteout has two young daughters from his previous marriage, who he rarely sees due to a rather draconian custody arrangement after a very acrimonious divorce. His wife's lawyer, also her new beau, successfully argued that a pony with such a dangerous occupation and clear anger issues was not suitable to care for the fillies when their mother was available and willing.

Needless to say, a large part of his salary also goes to their support, and he looks forward to the two weeks or so in summer he's allowed to spend with the girls in family-supervised visitation back at their grandparent's home in the Swaybacks.

RP History

Recently, his suspension has been lifted as it was discovered that the signatures on it were falsified by a clerk under the pay of the family of one of the Royal Guard he fought. As such, he is back on duty, and has been gone from Ponyville for some time due to an assignment teaching cold weather survival in Cloudsdale.