Wind Cheer

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Wind Cheer
Cast Primary
First appearance October 12, 2014
Creator Dennet
Player Dennet
Species Pegasus
Age Undisclosed
Gender Male
Occupation None (currently)
Family ???
Significant Other None

Basic Information

Wind Cheer (commonly 'Cheer' ) is a foreigner pegasus pony of imposing size and somewhat overly-formal demeanour. Despite his rather unkempt appearance, he is extremely soft-spoken and impersonal. He has demonstrated apprentice-level knowledge of magics and arcane arts, as well as knowledge of history and myth.


The best word to describe Cheer's personality is 'archaic', as if plucked straight from a medieval knightly court.

Cheer speaks in a rather calm manner, carefully picking appropriate words. He rarely speaks his minds or shares his opinions, instead relying on anecdotes or facts to convey a message. His body language is similarly hushed, with slow sways and demure movement of his ears contrasting sharply with his rather wild mane and impressive size. His wings - the pegasi emotional tell-tale - are usually kept in check, barely hinting at his thoughts. Overall, he appears rather off-limits and officious.

Pre-RP History

Insofar Cheer has revealed very little of his past. He admits to being a foreigner - originating from beyond the borders of the principality of Equestria - and having travelled throughout the lands to some degree with a performance troupe. Cheer's status prior to his arrival to Equestria, his family, relatives or in fact any significat bit of information is largely unknown and kept private.

RP History

Once again, the precise reasons for Cheer's arrival to Ponyville are shrouded more or less in mystery. He appears interested by the Everfree, showing little concern for the dangers therein. His focus on the Sisters' Castle is blatantly apparent.