Wright Angle

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Wright Angle

Cast NPC
First appearance 12/14/2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Earth Pony
Age 22
Gender Male
Occupation Architect
Family None
Significant Other None

Basic Information

Chief Architect and Foreman for Credence Equestrian Designs.


Wright Angle takes a great deal of pride in his work, often creating building designs at harmony with the environment and the ponies who would live there. He is very simple pony with simple tastes, but an eye to appreciate beauty all around him and find ways to incorporate and enhance it through his designs. He has little love of the business aspect, much preferring to keep his hooves business drawing.

Pre-RP History

Wright graduated in Wiscoltsin with a unique view of architecture. He's one of the few Earth Pony designers to incorporate cloud architecture into his works, and it was winning an award for Cloud Home Design that brought him to Sly Credence's attention. The two shared an accord, and a genuine love of design work. Wright was one of Credence's most trusted stallion's on the job.

RP History

Wright worked on site with Sunrise, complimenting her work. When Sly Credence made the decision to expand to include a firm in Canterlot, he naturally chose Wright Angle to take charge of the Whinneyapolis office.