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Cast NPC
First appearance July 11th, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Zebra
Age 71
Gender Male
Occupation Alchemist
Family None
Significant Other None

Basic Information

Wizened snake oil vendor with actual skills.


An alchemist with a taste for luxury beyond his position, Yasivo left his home village for the allure of Equestria's wealth. He is a zebra of honor to those who earn his respect, to everyone else, it's best to count your bits after talking to him.

His potion making skills are above reproach, though his morals are slightly less so, as his way to wealth has been a mix of selling actual products and conning the gullible with potions that can never deliver what is promised. He values his own comfort and wealth above most anything else, but will do what he can to aid a friend... so long as it doesn't put him in any danger.

Pre-RP History

A Zebra witch-doctor who came to Equestria to seek out his fortune, Yasivo made meager business, but at some point ran afoul of the Manehattan Mob. In trouble with them, he had a run-in with Nassy, who saved the Zebra's life, even if he couldn't save his eye. As a result, the old alchemist holds Nassy in his good graces, and will always try to help the pony out.

He has since carved out a position in Las Pegasus, becoming essential enough in everypony's businesses that he'd be a greater hassle to eliminate than to let live.

RP History

Yasivo worked out of Las Pegasus, selling romantic potions and lucky trinkets to gullible tourists hoping to pull one over on the casinos. There, he met with Nassy once again, as well as Mary. The pair came to him in search of various potions for disguises, as well as other, kinkier potions.