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First appearance May 22, 2012
Creator Whiteout
Player Whiteout
Species Gryphon
Age 31
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Family Aidan (brother)
Significant Other Sleet

Basic Information

Entirely too dapper for his own good.


Muir is very outgoing for a gryphon, with a tendency to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, just because he’s curious. Fully willing to admit to being a vain and lazy bird, although some of that is more in jest than in truth. Well educated, although he avoids being arrogant about it. Flirts as easily as he breathes, but mostly for mutual amusement. Has a very finely tuned sense of decorum, although he is willing to set it aside in private and be outright silly.


Stylish, dapper, and entirely too aware of his own looks. Muir is almost never seen in public without some article of clothing, most often tailored dress shirts and jackets. His subspecies of gryphon's females are larger than the males, and he is small even then. He stands roughly the same height as a pony mare, although he is significantly longer.

Pre-Appearance History

Not much is known about Muir's background, aside from bits and pieces he has let slip to Sleet. He was raised in Cloudsdale, by parents who immigrated from the Gryphon lands. He served in the Cloudsdale Guard for some time when he was younger, but is listed on the rolls as 'retired', which is odd for someone of his relatively young age. He has been charmingly evasive about most personal details to anyone other than his husband.

RP History

Shortly after arriving in Ponyville, Muir found himself striking up a friendship with one of the local Pegasi, Sleet, which turned into a whirlwind love affair. The two are sharing an apartment these days, much to the amused chagrin of neighbors who miss their peace and quiet.

Muir spent some time stuck in the form of a unicorn, after being kidnapped and sold to a changeling hive as food by his own brother. He has been many months recovering from the ordeal, which left him severely drained both from being fed upon by a number of changelings and being unable to reign in his own magic while stuck as a unicorn. Physically, he is mostly healthy these days, although much lighter and with less strength and endurance than he once possessed.

Recently, while on a trip to Las Pegasus, Muir and Sleet impulsively decided to elope in order to avoid having to coordinate both their families for a wedding. The two seem pretty happy with this solution.