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Sleet Frost
Cast Primary
First appearance 21 May, 2012
Creator Bree
Player Bree
Species Pegasus
Age 24*
Gender Male
Occupation Lunar Guard - Weather and patrol at Camp Solstice
Family First Frost (father)
Sirocco Breeze (mother)
Blizzard Breeze (sister/clone)
Snowy Veldt (daughter)
Frozen Tundra (son)
Significant Other Muir

Basic Information

Slightly less dapper than Muir.


Impulsive and quick towards both anger and apology. Occasionally struggles with being uncertain about his place in the world.

Pre-Appearance History

See Blizzard Breeze.

RP History

Sleet has a rather strange history, in that according to his memories, he used to be Blizzard Breeze. An experiment involving a gender-swapping artifact and accidental exposure to the portal to Ostfriesen Castle resulted his being granted a separate existence from his sister, and the two of them have gone in different directions since. Working to make a place for himself rather than try and steal Bree's thunder by going back into the weather service, Sleet chose to instead join the Lunar Guard.

One of the first people he encountered after the split was Muir, Ponyville's resident gryphon, and the two of them rapidly spiraled into a romance. The gryphon has been very supportive of Sleet finding his own place in the world, although the nature of their relationship has caused some issues from ponies who don't think being romantically tied to a gryphon is acceptable.